Percentageplay Golf, LLC

Proven to

reduce handicaps

in just your

first season of use!

PercentageGolf Technology

Check out our brief instructional demos:

Know How Far You Actually Hit The Ball With Each Club Know How Consistent You Are With Each Club

Know How To Score Lower With YOUR Game

...or in the offseason with a launch monitor.

1) Track your shots at the Driving Range.....

Avoid Hazards

Hit More Fairways

Tree Trouble

Right of Fairway


Penalty Strokes

Weekly Analysis of

Shots To

The Green ->

Shot 1: 124 Yards,

2 Fingers Right


Make sure to check out the links below for even more advanced implementations of PercentageGolf Technology

Quickly learn which part of your game needs the most work, leading to more meaningful practice and faster improvement.

Target: 125 Yards

Play YOUR Best Percentages

Target Directional Line

to Avoid Trees on Right

(Will be based on YOUR Capability)


2) to have your shot data statistically summarized for you:

Target Line to learn how to use PercentageGolf Technology to shave off strokes every round. 

Pro Tournaments

<- Tee Shots

3) Use that data to select the appropriate club and target directional line

for each shot you face the course.  Easy to learn and use!: