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PercentageGolf Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I use PercentageGolf Technology today? 
Please visit our "Manual Method" web page to learn how to use PercentageGolf Technology today! It will help you save multiple strokes every time you play. We are also currently working with existing GPS Apps and Laser Rangefinders to incorporate our technology on their platforms.  A little encouragement from you will help get our technology to market faster!  Please contact your preferred GPS App and Laser Rangefinder manufacturers (many of which are listed on our website) to request that they incorporate PercentageGolf Technology ASAP. 

Q: How will PercentageGolf Technology actually help me lower my scores?
Your score on each hole and for an entire round is primarily driven by statistics. Knowing your capability as a golfer and how each particular golf hole fits your game will lead to lower scores. PercentageGolf Technology will provide you with a Course Management Plan tailored for YOUR game on every hole you play. By knowing and playing your best percentages on every shot, you’re guaranteed to score lower every round!

Q: Have you proven that PercentageGolf Technology works?
A: Yes. We’ve successfully run many simulations using our technology, and it accurately predicts the average score for any golfer on any course given that golfer’s own capability.  There is a reason why golfers who normally shoot in the 90’s normally shoot in the 90’s: it’s all based on their statistical capability. PercentageGolf Technology will give you the data you need to make the statistically-preferred decision on every shot.  While you work on improving your game, may as well make the most of the game you currently have, right?!

Q: Why haven’t you developed your own GPS App or Rangefinder for me to use?
A: We know our technology will be a valuable additional feature for MANY existing GPS Apps and Rangefinders currently on the market.  We want all current and future Golf GPS users to experience the benefits from our technology, not just limit it for use on one application or device.

Q: Can your technology be used during tournament play?
A: Yes, our new Manual Offset Method can be used during tournament play. However, our fully-functional technology on GPS Apps or Rangefinders would not conform to the rules of tournament golf, so it could not be used during competition.  Our GPS and Rangefinder technology will help all golfers (including the Pros) prepare a course management plan during practice rounds for any course they play, especially for courses they are playing for the first time.

Q: I'm a High Handicapper (100+ for 18 holes).  Will your technology work for me?

A: Yes.  Just because you have more variability in your swing doesn't mean that you don't have a statistical capability - you do.  PercentageGolf Technology will calculate YOUR statistical capability and provide you YOUR best shot selection.  We'll fit your capability to whatever hole you're playing to ensure you're playing your lowest-scoring odds on every shot on every hole on every course!

Q: How can your technology help me figure out what part of my game needs the most improvement?
A: PercentageGolf Technology will provide you with your true statistical capability with each of your clubs.  Your capability, including your consistency, can be compared with your peers and the Pros to determine the areas of your game which are the strongest and the areas which could use some work.  Using our technology, you can figure out if a new club you are considering is actually statistically better than your current one, and our technology will statistically prove that you are getting more skilled over time as you work to improve your game through lessons and practice.

Q: How long will it take for me to figure out my capability with each of my clubs?
A: When fully implemented on any of the existing GPS Apps on the market, it will take zero additional time or effort to determine your capability.  In the mean time, it would only take 1-2 hours using a Simulator, Launch Monitor, or on the Driving Range to determine your capability with each of your clubs.  The Benefit-to-Time ratio for gathering this data about your game is extremely high.

Q: How easy will your technology be to use on the course?
A: Our technology will be extremely user-friendly.  We know it will actually help speed up play, since you will have the data you need to make the right club and shot selection immediately when you get to your ball.  No more questioning, no more second-guessing, no more over-thinking.  Our technology will quickly give you the data you need to hit a CONFIDENT shot in every situation.