PercentageGolf Technology was born on that day, and it has since proven to provide accurate statistical performance data, robust course management plans, and happier golfers.

Avoid Hazards

The Answer to Every Question:  Percentages and Statistics

Our Vision

Why were our final individual scores always within the same range as we typically shoot?

How could we find out what part of our games needed the most improvement?

How could we find out if the decisions we made for all of our shots were the “right” ones?

How would we ever know if playing "smart golf" was the right decision?

How could our Golf GPS Device tell us which shot options would give us our lowest score?


About Us

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PercentageGolf™ Technology

Percentageplay Golf Founders Kurt Penn and Guillermo Rosales, both with backgrounds in engineering and statistics,  have been golfing together consistently for over 10 years.  When they are together and not playing golf, they are typically talking about golf.  After a particularly close and competitive round in 2013, they found themselves passionately discussing the details of what happened on basically every shot on every hole.  A few questions came up during the conversation:

We appreciate your interest in our PercentageGolf Technology, and we thank you for joining our effort to encourage existing GPS Apps and Laser Rangefinders to incorporate our technology on their platforms.  Please contact us to learn more or to further inquire about our vision of the future.



The Percentageplay Golf Team

We are confident that users of PercentageGolf Technology:

- Will gather useful performance data with simulators, launch monitors, at driving ranges, and on the course.

- Will compare their data with peers and Pros to determine areas of their game needing the most improvement.

- Will have a solid, personally-tailored course management plan for every course, every time they play.

- Will lower their handicaps by numerous strokes.