Our PGF can also be used to enhance golf telecasts! 
Phil Mickelson's decision to hit driver on the 18th hole at the 2006 US Open is probably the most famous example of a player's poor shot selection costing him dearly (see our analysis to the right).
Our graphic depicts what PercentageGolf Technology would have shown on TV to be Phil’s percentages of his two primary shot choices along with the statistical likelihoods of the various results given his assumed capability with those two clubs.  Phil was giving up almost half a stroke by making the wrong club selection for this shot, which is an enormous amount for one single shot!

Before Phil even hit the shot, Johnny Miller commented:
"This better be a 4 -wood."

After Phil’s tee shot (with Driver, of course) ended up in the trees on the left, Johnny Miller famously commented, “I tell you what right now, Ben Hogan is officially rolled over in his grave.  I cannot believe he didn’t hit 4-wood there.”

Phil obviously realized that hitting Driver was a poor decision, as he commented after the round, "I still am in shock that I did that. I just can't believe that I did that. I am such an idiot."

PercentageGolf Technology could have been used during the telecast to increase the viewer’s knowledge and insight about the shot facing Phil and heighten the suspense of the situation even further. 

With PercentageGolf Analytics available, Johnny Miller's comment before the shot could have been:
"Phil has a whopping 25% chance of hitting it in the trees here with Driver. This better be a 4-wood." Johnny's comment after Phil hit Driver most likely would have remained unchanged.

PercentageGolf Technology will be a valuable addition to increase interest in all golf tournaments.

Please ask your favorite Golf Network to incorporate PercentageGolf Technology during their telecasts!

POST-TOURNAMENT: With all the Top 7 Finishers getting pars on the 18th Hole, the 17th proved to separate the Top 2 from the pack.

After the rain delay, the greens were soft and the winds were light, allowing the players to go after basically every flag.  Playing 183Yds on Sunday with the pin tight on the right, everyone was going right at it.  Webb Simpson and Abraham Ancer were able to keep their shots right on line, sunk their birdie putts, and finished 1st and 2nd respectively!

18th Hole Winged Foot, 2006 US Open

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Analysis of the 2020 RBC Heritage:

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PRE-TOURNAMENT: The PGA Tour is at Harbour Town this week, and we think the 17th Hole could be the deciding factor.  The 17th is a tricky Par 3, and it can play at two significantly different yardages depending on the tee and pin locations.  The shorter setup may allow a chaser to grab a birdie on this hole, but the longer setup will bring bogey into play much more often due to the larger potential variation with the longer shot.

Each player's strategy/aggressiveness will depend on both the setup and where he stands in the tournament, and it will be interesting to see how the percntages play out!

Check out the first 40 seconds of the following footage from this situation.

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Phil's Final Round 18th Hole Tee Shot During the 2006 US Open